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Ship4you S.A.

Who is Ship4you in 4 simple and fun videos

We’ve already discussed what Ship4you does and the services it provides to leverage your business here before.

This time, we want to uncomplicate things and, instead of preparing a long speech for you, we’re going to explain everything in 4 simple and fun videos.

Besides describing the services, methods, solutions and technologies we implement in detail, we’re going to show you Ship4you’s world simply and clearly via the videos created especially for you and available on our YouTube channel.

Join us on this short journey:

1. ERP/CRM Link

Via these integrated management systems, we interlink company departments into close-knit units with harmonised processes and facilitated communication. Watch the video here.

♦ Make your company flexible, control losses, reduce operating costs, gain more customers!

2. 360º Direct Marketing

We call to ourselves the hardest part of your business: taking and entering orders, printing, monitoring inventories, controlling quality, customising, shipping promotional items and orders, billing and answering customer lines, letters and emails. Discover everything here.

♦ Leave it to us to take care of your order entering, lettershop, storage, order processing, billing and customer service!

3. Turnkey E-commerce

Don’t confine yourself to the domestic market, open a virtual shop, advertise your business and increase its popularity. Raise its profile on search engines and do multichannel campaigns. Your shop window will then be the whole world. Want to know how? Watch the video.

♦ Get a virtual shop, maximise sales, cut costs, simplify your business, expand your operations!

4. Data Solutions

Make a point of having a reliable, improved, error-free and duplicated database with segmented information; only that way can you communicate in a more personalised and closer way with your customers. Cut down on stacks of paperwork and digitise your essential documents by creating a digital archive. Find out everything here.

♦ Create a consistent and coherent database, process and select your data and set up a digital archive!