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What’s new about the VPC ERP/CRM Link system. Find out now!

We have already discussed the many advantages Ship4you’s VPC ERP/CRM Link system may bring to your company.

If you don’t remember it, read the article we published in our previous newsletter, where we explained that this management system brings together, in one single place, all the data you need to analyze, monitor and ensure the success of your company’s Direct Sales.

Over time, we have added a few improvements meet the needs of our system’s users. Such is the case, for instance, of certified invoices, which have streamlined the collection of customers’ tax data, as well as the ability to implement sequential numbering for tax/accounting documents.

But this time it is the end customer who gets the prize.

he new VCP ERP/CRM Link feature offers a system of points, which basically allows you to allocate and manage end customer points. This can happen in three different ways:

a. a. Por percentagem do valor da encomenda (e.g. if X% of the order value is greater than Y, the end customer gets Z points)

b. Per order value (e.g. for each €Y of the order value, the end customer gets Z points)

c. Per order value range (that is, if the order value ranges between €Y and €W, Z points are allocated)

All these conditions can be configured according to the customer’s preferences. When completing a purchase, the customer can choose to use his/her points on that order or not.

This is another step to make your online business even more attractive. Just get in touch with us so that we can assist you in any questions you may have regarding Ship4you’s VPC ERP/CRM Link system. Contacte us here.