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What’s about to change in logistics?

What’s about to change in logistics?

We live in a constant digital revolution, what yesterday was the key to business, today is no longer.

As we already talked about in digital marketing trends, artificial intelligence (AI) will be increasingly present online, but also offline. Automated processes through AI and machine learning will be increasingly common in large supply chains.

People don’t just want a product, they want a shopping experience. Therefore, the logistics professional must analyze the order cycle, identifying possible friction points so that they can be eliminated.

We have been witnessing a convergence between physical and online stores – we call it omnichannel. This integration allows the customer to have a shopping experience suited to their needs. In logistics, this represents another giant step: warehouses must adapt so that order processing, stock management and transport do not fail.

Finally, we want to highlight deliveries to lockers/pick up points and deliveries through unconventional means. Nowadays it’s already possible to make an online purchase to later collect it at a pick up point or ask for it to be left in a locker, so that, once again, the customer has a more personalized shopping experience. In addition, it’s not long before deliveries made by bicycles, drones, electric cars and automatic vehicles (without crew members) are the day-to-day of logistics.