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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Tips to reduce cart abandonment in e-commerce

The percentage of users that access a website to compare products with no intention of making a purchase is high. However, with our help, that will change.

Here are our suggestions for fighting cart abandonment:

Always answer potential customers’ inquiries: shipping costs, delivery times, return policies, payment methods… this type of information should be clearly visible on your website. If this information is not a click away, the user’s satisfaction will decrease and it is likely that your e-commerce business will be abandoned.

Show that your store is 100% trustworthy: trust is essential so that the potential customer does not abandon the cart. A trust seal certifying your e-commerce business will make it so the user feels more confident in the purchase security and will add value to your website.

Simplify the payment process:if a client selects their products and clicks “proceed to checkout”, that means they are ready to make the purchase. However, any doubts about the payment process might prompt the user to close the page and not return. To avoid abandonment at this point, your website should clearly and visually present every step the user must take. Furthermore, the shipping costs, payment methods and delivery times must become visible as soon as possible.

Provide multiple payment methods: each client has a preferred method of paying. Thus, it is necessary that you provide as many payment methods as possible, to reach as many consumers as possible.

Take advantage of pop-ups:if the client is taking more than usual to proceed with the checkout. At the right time, a pop-up offering a discount is enough to make the consumer finalize their purchase.

Do not fear reviews: the buyer will trust your e-commerce business if there is the option to share the experience with the company and the purchased products.

Remember, a higher level of transparency should always translate to a higher number of buyers.