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The TOP 10 favorite online stores of the Portuguese consumers – 4 are national

They are near the bottom of the list, but have a prominent position nevertheless.

Continente, Worten, Ticketline and TAP are among the 10 favorite online stores for Portuguese consumers – 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th position, respectively.

This ranking is part of the 2016 SIBS Market Report, which was released this week by the company that manages the Multibanco ATM network. Analyzing the relationship of Portuguese consumers with different payment methods, the study concluded that electronic methods are the most popular. 84% of Portuguese consumers have already shopped online, and 40% do so at least once a month.

Read the full list:

• eBay

• Booking

• Fnac

• Amazon

• AliExpress

• La Redoute

• Continente

• Worten

• Ticketline

• Tap