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The power of Direct Marketing

With customers constantly changing their habits and preferences, the end customer has even more power and imposes even more customized solutions, making individualized communication a crucial strategy.

The challenge for companies is to monitor such developments and have the ability to shape their marketing strategies accordingly.


Through Direct Marketing, this offers a series of tools enabling you to communicate directly with prospective customers, with:

Lower costs!

Higher efficiency!

Canada Post – the main postal operator in Canada – takes an intelligent approach to direct marketing through Smartmail Marketing.

What is Smartmail Marketing?

It is a concept based on three fundamental elements that make the marketing mix more relevant and engaging:

• Physical experience:it elicits an emotional response, more impactful and more powerful;

• Connectivity: it amplifies the marketing mix, providing maximum results for your brand;

• Data: it allows more accurate and customized targeting.

When these three concepts work together, the results are amplified, brands are remembered, and businesses thrive.

This new approach addresses a recent neuromarketing study on the brain’s reaction to different marketing channels which reveals very important data to truly understand customer needs.

Did you know that direct mail is 20% more persuasive and memorable than digital media? Direct mail conveys the message faster and is more likely to get consumers to act on that message.

These findings have proved what many already knew. Direct Marketing works. You just have to know how to adapt it to your company. And Ship4you has all the services you need to expand your business, reach further and grow stronger.

If you want to learn a little more about our Direct Marketing services, contact us here.