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5 regras cibersegurança

The 5 rules of privacy and cybersecurity

Eaton has set out five key rules companies and users should observe regarding concerns related to privacy and cybersecurity.

Nine months after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, Eaton has drafted a list of five key rules companies and users should follow to observe third-party privacy and cybersecurity.

These are:

• data values (awareness of the data used online);

• company responsibilities (a notion of the legal framework);

• a life-long marriage – it is worth noting here that data privacy is not the same thing as cybersecurity but they share the same DNA;

• good judgement (delete any apps you no longer use);

• good practices (use secure passwords and do not open emails from unknown or suspicious sources).

If you want to browse the internet securely, make sure you follow these guidelines.