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Ship4you 100% Portuguesa

Ship4you is now 100% Portuguese!

And the ones who stand to gain are our customers.

Summer is over and so are the holidays … But over that time, “the wheels have kept turning”, slowly but surely. Ship4you has analysed, created strategies and worked with its eyes constantly on the key focus: its customers and its team.

Now, Ship4you is back with full strength. And stronger than ever!

What is the result of this introspection? Some news and a lot of changes. But one in particular stands out. And that is the one we want to share with you here.

Since we were founded in 2012, we have been a 100% portuguese company, based in Portugal, with portuguese employees and, whenever possible, with portuguese partners. But despite this “Portugueseness”, we still had one non-Portuguese shareholder.

But then “things” happen! And, since September 1st 2018, Ship4you has had just one stakeholder… a portuguese shareholder… Goalmarketing has reinforced its position in Ship4you’s shareholding structure and we achieved our desire to make the company fully 100% Portuguese.

And moreover our partnership with Goalmarketing is thus renewed and stronger.

In practical terms, how do our customers benefit from this? By strengthening the ties between the two companies, Ship4you and Goalmarketing, we will be able to broaden our business horizons and bolster our e-commerce operations. By joining our integrated logistics know-how to Goalmarketing’s e-commerce and web design know-how, we will be able to offer our customers a turnkey solution that is adapted to their needs.

At 6 years of age, Ship4you has started a new chapter in its life. We hope it brings us as much, if not more, success.

And as the saying goes, “onward and upward”!