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The value of supply chain

Retailers begin to realise the value of supply chain visibility

Consumer demands add complexity to the retail sector. Zetes explains why.

Lack of visibility is affecting the performance of organisations:

– excessive stock levels;

– increased waste;

– loss of sales due to product unavailability;

– lack of real-time alerts to minimise potential shortages;

– identify returned items as available stock.

According to a study carried out by Sapio Research:

– 94% of respondents have no access to the ideal visibility;

– 87% agree that a fully visible supply chain with real-time updates can give an organisation a competitive advantage;

– 71% state that the lack of supply chain visibility has had a negative effect on their business.

For Amir Harel, General Manager of Visibility Solutions at Zetes:

“the aim of visibility is to gain better control and unlock the performance potential. (…) Without it, retailers will struggle to achieve the major gains associated with improvements in waste generation, shelf availability, supplier performance and customer engagement. (…) With the right knowledge of supply chain processes and on how to synchronise physical and digital data flows between different systems, it is possible to achieve return on investment quickly and with minimal complexity and investment in technology”.