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Investir em Portugal

Portugal is the “new country to invest”

There are several reasons to invest in Portugal. Forbes highlights its young and highly skilled population.

Forbes Magazine published an article earlier this year advising investors to pay more attention to this small rectangle in Western Europe.

We are a small country, but there are several reasons to invest in Portugal:

• our excellent location gives us easy access to major world markets.

• our workforce is characterised by availability, flexibility, dedication and high output. Highly educated in business-oriented areas, we possess above-average skills in Languages, Science, Engineering and Technology.

• we are the best country in Europe and the 6th in the world in which to live and work (2018).

Moreover, we are the 4th safest country in the world, our average life expectancy is slightly above average, and our universities are currently ranked among the best in the world.

We also have a robust infrastructure providing support for entrepreneurship: incubators, acceleration programmes and institutional support. A number of meetings and conferences are held on a regular basis, in which technology communities and start-ups can make their services known.

In short, we have everything you need: quality of life, cultural heritage, qualified young people eager to develop their talents, good infrastructure and an excellent geographical position.