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Portugal Digital Summit Ship4you

Portugal Digital Summit: our experience

The large Portuguese digital forum gathered more than 150 speakers spread over several panels, that over two days discussed approximately 40 subjects related to the topic of digitalization.

The Portugal Digital Summit event is part of the Portugal Digital Week, a project that was devised and organized by ACEPI. The fact that it is free and that it features a schedule with a lot of potential and speakers of many different sectors is what sets it apart from other events. Additionally, the many networking opportunities with face-to-face meetings in the lounge areas and the chance to interact with the exhibitors heighten the event to a whole new level.

According to Alexandre Nilo da Fonseca, ACEPI’s president, “the event was a great success because more than 150 skilled speakers marked it as a reference in the digital sector in Portugal.”

When compared to its previous editions, the event saw a significant increase in participants, speakers and stages. One new aspect was the creation of an App featuring the schedule for the various stages, which allowed the participants to interact amongst themselves and with the speakers – just like in a social network.

The conferences:
Out of the many conferences that took place during these two days, we highlight the message delivered by the CEO of Ecommerce Europe, Wijnand Jongen. Jongen assures us that we are entering an era in which Artificial Intelligence stands as the epicentre of everything, mentioning the “incredible speed” with which technology has been evolving in recent years. “Just think that 20 years ago Steve Jobs was teaching us how to use Wi-Fi.”

Wijnand Jogen believes that Artificial Intelligence will generate an addition value of between 3,5 to 5,8 trillion dollars, encompassing approximately 19 sectors, with retail leading the charts. “Retail and e-commerce are seeing profound changes and the business models that they present us are not enough for the new generation of consumers”. With the evolution of the stores’ role, people expect their shopping to be an experience. In that regard, it is essential to “add value to the shelves”. “Retailers and brands who wish to interact with consumers in the future: I believe we are in the midst of massive shift in the shopping experience. That is why we have to bet on more models and why the interactions must become a lot more personal. That is how you earn the consumers’ loyalty.”

The exhibition:
This was Ship4you’s first year as an exhibitor at the Portugal Digital Summit and the results could not have been more positive.
When we signed up, we chose a spot that guaranteed us a fair amount of exposure: right by the entrance to the Instustries Going Digital stage. Many participants engaged with us in order to learn more about our services.

To Cristina Coelho, CEO at Ship4you “this is an event that we are more than willing to revisit, be it as a participant or an exhibitor. Taking part as an exhibitor allowed us to not only get people acquainted with Ship4you and our areas of activity, but also to bring attention to the importance of integrated logistics in the distance-selling process, namely e-commerce. On the other hand, networking with the participants and sharing experiences with the other exhibitors is incredibly enriching and allows us to evolve and to rethink certain internal processes, thanks to the discovery of new partnerships and new solutions to our clients.”

We are excited for Portugal Digital Summit 2020 and you will surely find us there.