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Online purchases will represent 8.9 billion euros in Portugal in 2025.

This statistic was divulged by ACEPI Portugal at the Digital Summit’17.

Around 91% of the Portuguese population will be using the Internet by 2025 and of those 59% will shop online. These were the conclusions of Portugal’s Digital Economy Association (ACEPI) annual study announced at the start of the Digital Summit’17.

According to the study, in 2009 only 48% of Portuguese used the Internet, rising to 73% in 2017.

The same study estimates that whereas in 2008 only 13% of people shopped online, this year the percentage will be 36% and in 2025 over 59%, accounting for €8.9 billion in sales.

As regards foreign websites, China heads the ranking of the 85% of Portuguese who currently shop online.