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New General Regulation on Data Protection arrives in May 2018 but is already making waves

Some companies are already worried about what will happen with these new rules.

It promises to be a headache for companies despite only entering into force in May 2018. The new General Regulation on Data Protection will have new rules that affect almost all sectors of activity.

At a time when almost everything we do and buy involves personal data, this new regulation protects consumers’ privacy and that is why many companies are already concerned about this. Daniel Reis, a PLMJ lawyer and specialist in telecommunications and information technologies, explained to TSF a few days ago that he is contacted almost every day by companies that do not know how to interpret the new rules.

Basically, companies will have to respect a series of rules to guarantee the security of their clients’ personal data and say what they intend to do with that information in a much more restricted way than the one that exists today.

Having a database, as we have already mentioned in other articles, is one of the most important things for a company, but it is also very sensitive and must be treated with great care.