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Need a partner? Find out how we can help

We have already mentioned here some of the services we have to offer. But not all of them.

We want to show you why we are the right partner for your business and how we can help you boost your company and make your entire marketing process simpler, more efficient and closer to your customers.

We will tell you the 4 main areas that Ship4you is dedicated to:


Get more flexibility, more simplicity and more momentum. With the ERP/CRM Link system you can integrate your Marketing, Sales and Operations into a single platform, making the whole linking process within your company much more automatic, thus a lot more agile. From the registration of customers’ buying history to marketing automation, from financial management to stock control, from storage to billing and statistical analysis, the effectiveness of this system is proven every day by our customers.

ERP/CRM Link allows you, with this mechanism, to monitor the results at any time, control all campaigns and, at every step, to pursue the best deals for each client.

Direct Marketing 360º

We offer you all our services in one place. Do you want to reach a larger number of customers, grow stronger and have more consistent communication? With our Direct Marketing 360º, you can make your business go further. We offer a full service, from the collection and registration of your campaign requests, to lettershop and the printing of invoices, from storing to shipping your orders. You do not have to worry about anything because we do it all for you!

Turnkey E-commerce

Do you have a physical store and want to expand its range? Do you not have one, but have always dreamed of selling your products online? Take a leap into digital commerce and increase your sales with the opening of your very own online store.

With online shopping gaining more and more ground in the world, it is essential to know how to satisfy this demand if you have a business that sells products. We know how to create you a store that will leave an impression, with easy navigation and a tempting shopping experience for your customer. Leave all that work with us and dedicate your time to advertise it because making it popular is one of the secret ingredients for success.

Data Solutions

One of the most important parts of a company is its database. So appreciate it and treat it in the best way possible. Here at Ship4you we can help you in that process and do all the work for you.

Eliminating duplicates and correcting errors is one of our specialties and a key step to having a qualified database. As we discussed in the previous article, the way you deal with it allows you to have more personalized communication and through targeting by name, for example, get closer to your customers and increase sales.

Contact us and challenge us. Ask any questions or request a quote. We will handle your case with the professionalism and speed that we are known for.