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Mistakes to avoid in e-commerce during summer

Mistakes to avoid in e-commerce during summer holiday

Rest is a word that should never be associated with your business. The most trivial mistakes at this time turn into real nightmares and even the best strategies lose their effectiveness.

More care and attention is needed at this time, but do not fear – correcting some mistakes will guarantee your billing.

Letting yourself drift: all business slows at this time of the year as eyes focus on the beach and rest. However, you cannot wait around for customers to visit your website. The solution is to attract visitors via, for example, promotions, upcoming special offers and stock liquidations.

Putting your marketing on the back burner: during the holidays (and other times), taking a break from your marketing is like shooting yourself in the foot. Marketing does not take vacations. Your audience is on holiday and so has more time to see what is happening online. It is the ideal moment to boost your digital marketing by publishing interesting content that attracts your buyers.

Losing opportunities to convert interest into sales: if the aim is to maintain sales at full speed ahead, you have to cut the stages between attracting visitors and converting it into sales. The less information and pages there are between a product and the conclusion of a purchase, the likelier a sale will take place.
Do not demand that a buyer creates a customer profile before a purchase. Ask them to do it later in exchange, for example, for a discount on their next purchase.

Neglecting customer care: this slower period is also when staff takes their holidays, but be careful not to interrupt your customer care completely, or let it slow down too much. At this time, it is important to prioritise product exchanges, complaints, delays and other problems which, if not solved quickly, can seriously undermine your shop’s image.

Holding back on promotions: with slowing sales, one of the ways to maintain billing is to forget promotions and discounts. On the one hand, you can ensure each product is sold for maximum profit, but, on the other, you lose the chance to attract new buyers. It is important to use this moment to promote those products that have sold slowly in recent months. These promotions are the key to capturing buyers’ interest.