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Let us show you how to strengthen your team spirit

The better you know the people you work with, the greater the success possible…

The year is nearly at an end, but not before the Ship4you team had its usual team-building day. For a team, be it small or large, to work like clockwork, it is crucial to train together. That is why we asked our partner Pointing The Way to organise a day of adventure.

The activity was a paper chase to discover Lisbon on 19th October. In this joint exercise, we strengthened teamwork and the power of observation, together with exploring the sense of direction and, naturally, the division of labour that is key to a team’s success, such as Ship4you.

We began in Marquês de Pombal and descended Avenida da Liberdade to Restauradores. We took the chance to reboot our energy levels while there, having lunch at Palácio da Independência, before continuing down to Terreiro do Paço via Rua Augusta. Afterwards, we walked from Ribeira das Naus to Mercado da Ribeira. Then we headed off on our final discovery, based on a single clue: “A means of transport whose name is the same as the cognomen of a portuguese king”. Guess what it was? We headed to Doca do Espanhol, where we found our deserved place of rest: the boat “Príncipe Perfeito”.

There we rested, dined, danced and socialised. It was a great way to end the day, as you can see in the video.