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Learn to disconnect and enjoy your vacation

Learn to disconnect and enjoy your vacations

Sometimes it’s difficult to take a break from the work routine and to be unaware of what is going on in our absence. It’s stronger than us! We want everything to go well in our absence and for our return to be smooth as well.

We suggest you some steps to follow in orther to enjoy your vacation and rest. ▼

▹First of all, organize your work schedule and don’t leave tasks pending. Ideally, leave everything ready for your absence, but if not possible, inform your colleagues that they will have to be responsible for completing the work.

Assign tasks: if someone needs to take up your position with the company, pass on any information, contacts and tips that may be helpful, you can even make a manual with all the instructions to prevent your phone from ringing during the holidays.

Prepare your return: make a list of tasks and priorities for your return before you even start packing. Getting back to our routine is always a challenge and with this strategy you can make your life easier.

Set up an automatic e-mail reply with an alternative contact, so that whenever you receive an email, the person trying to contact you knows who to contact instead.

Get away from your phone during your vacation, turn off email notifications, and relax. If you have a senior position where important decisions need to be made, set aside some time of your day to resolve these issues.

▹ Take advantage of these days to turn disconnect from your calendar and clock. Don’t count the days and take advantage of not having to follow times.

▹ Last but not least, relax, the most cliché advice, but also the hardest one to follow. Even when we have everything set, unforeseen events happen. It all depends on how we deal with them. Don’t get carried away by stress and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Ship4you wishes you a great vacation. In the next issue we will tell you our secrets to make it easy to get back to work.