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Omnichannel Marketing

It’s time to trust in Omnichannel Marketing!!

Marketing has come a long way since marketeers had to choose TV shows to connect with consumers.

Nowadays, consumers bounce freely between channels and devices, following their favourite content on their smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc., often on multiple screens at once.
Omnichannel marketing is the key to keep up with these less loyal consumers to one channel.

Brands still have a long way to go when it comes to delivering consistent and customised experience consumers want so much nowadays. Only 29% of consumers receive a consistent experience in one channel.
There are so many serious inconsistencies, that they become weaknesses: 65% of consumers are frustrated with the inconsistent information and experience across channels.
Consumers want messages and a consistent communication from their favourite brands on their favourite channel.

Each consumer has a unique preference when it comes to the channel and device they use the most.
A good starting point is to create a strong omnichannel customer database, through platforms that collect data from a wide range of channels and devices, and transform them into customers’ profiles. That way, whenever the consumer contacts customer services, they are easily identified and the team has access to a form with all the customer’s details (for example, personal data and purchases).

It’s time to connect the dots with a well-organised database. Leverage your marketing platforms’ omnichannel ability to reach each consumer through their favourite channel and device, and at the time of day they prefer.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can help marketeers to browse the customer’s file, helping you choose the perfect moment and channel to approach the customer.
Segmentation tools with AI technology can automatically find the most responsive target audience for a specific campaign, in order to generate suggestions and offers of relevant products for each customer. By adding these resources to automatic mechanisms and dynamic content, we are able to provide consistent experiences in every channel.

Whether online or offline, current consumers demand consistent experiences from the brands they love. The fact that only 29% of consumers receive this experience is a great motivation for digital marketing professionals.

Those that are able to impress today with customisation and relevance across channels, will be the first to be remembered tomorrow by the consumer.