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Compras online supermercado

Growing supermarket online sales depends on the delivery times

A study by the French consulting company Capgemini is clear: online grocery shopping will only grow exponentially if the efficiency of the delivery system improves.

E-commerce has grown immensely in recent years, but while grocery stores felt a small boom in online sales with this commercial strategy, it has stagnated in the last few years. According to the business consulting company Capgemini, there is a very clear solution to leverage online grocery sales: reduce the time it takes from placing an order to delivery.

The same study reveals that delivery times for 98% of online retailers are between one and three days, which clearly does not satisfy customers.

“As consumers adapt to the on-demand economy, they are starting to redirect their shopping. But retailers first have to prove they can give consumers what they want and when they want it,” says Andrew Lipsman, an eMarketer analyst.