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Get inspired by these 5 TED talks on Digital Marketing

The TED Talks have gained increasing recognition in recent years by helping us understand a particular area of business or just become familiar with renowned speakers’ perspectives on a new idea or concept.

Above all, they provide inspiration for anyone who wants to know about these speakers’ thoughts and ideals so that they can follow in their footsteps. They examine themes such as education, entrepreneurship, science, technology and creativity.

We want you to return from holiday inspired and ready for new challenges! So in this newsletter we bring you an article by the VAN agency which has put 5 inspiring TED Talks on digital marketing, content creation and productivity on its blog.

1. Seth Godin – “How to get your ideas to spread”

One of the most highly regarded marketing experts living today talks to us in this TED Talk about how to spread an idea. For Godin, brands need to find a group who care about what they have to say. As he says, “We sell products and services to people who are listening to us. If we’re lucky, they then pass the message on to their friends.”

Watch the TED Talk here.

2. Tim Leberecht – “3 Ways to Usefully Lose Control of Your Brand”

This renowned German speaker and author starts by saying that a brand “is what other people say about you when you’re not there”. In his opinion, brands have little control over their reputation, a power which belongs to the public.

In this way, Leberecht explains that there are 3 ways in which a business can (positively) lose control of itself. One way he feels is healthy and good for consumers as it brings them into closer contact with the brand and establishes ties with it.

This interesting TED Talk helps us understand how to create a more human business by adding transparency, honesty and relevance.

What the TED Talk here.

3. Laura Vanderkam – “How to gain control of your free time”

This American speaker is a time management expert who feels that you can only successfully manage your time when you have short and medium-term priorities at both the professional and personal level. This applies to both.

In the case of a Community Manager, professional and structured work can only be performed by managing one’s time well since regular attention must be paid to social networks (staying abreast of trending topics, likes, comments, etc, is crucial).

Watch theTED Talk aqui.

4. Andrew Fitzgerald – “Adventures in Twitter Fiction”

In the digital world, one of the most popular themes today is storytelling. Telling stories that spread in a matter of seconds is one of the main aims of brands and influencers. Andrew Fitzgerald, Head of Digital Content at Hearst Magazine, uses this TED Talk to talk about the way microblogging platforms like Twitter are changing media and the sharing of content.

He considers real-time storytelling something we should consider when we tweet or use Instagram Stories.

Watch the TED Talk aqui.

5. Kevin Alloca – “Why videos go viral”

Kevin Alloca, Trend Manager at Youtube, knows all about viral content. Though there is no infallible formula for creating a viral video, he certainly knows what to do to be a success. He looks at themes like the surprise effect it causes, the influence of vloggers and community participation.

Watch the TED Talk aqui.