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Find the key to optimize your company’s management

The key is VPC ERP/CRM Link.

But what is the VPC ERP/CRM Link system?

First of all, we must explain what it consists in. For those who don’t know, the VPC ERP/CRM Link system is a management system specifically designed for Direct Selling, streamlining the entire process until the sale itself is completed. This way, you may focus on your customer communication. You can leave everything else to us. By using a single management system – more operational, more dynamic and 100% efficient – you can have all the information you need to analyze, monitor and ensure the success of your company.

Whether your business falls within Direct Marketing, E-commerce, Direct Mail or Telemarketing, all records will be saved, allowing you to create a qualified database so you can provide your customers with a more personal and customized service, fostering their loyalty to your company.

From the customer’s purchase history to marketing automation, from financial management to stock control, from storage to billing and statistical analysis, all data will be stored here. All your customer and sales details are gathered in one single place, and just one click away.

Focus all your energies on your business…

And let the VPC ERP/CRM Link system do the rest. All your company’s activities will be connected so that you can make your own decisions based on thorough and updated information, in a 100% reliable way.

What are the benefits?

• all information in real time;
• higher production speep;
• faster shipping;
• reduction of operating costs;
• improved customer service;
• more effective communication;
• more reliable records for current or prospective customers;
• loyal customers.

In addition to all these advantages, equally important yet more technical features were recently introduced in this system. In our previous newsletter we announced that this system already issues certified invoices (see here for more information), streamlining the collection of tax data to be sent to Tax Authorities. 

We can now inform you that the VPC ERP/CRM Link system is also prepared to issue credit memos.

But that’s not all! If you decide to adopt the VPC ERP/CRM Link system in your company, you will find another new feature: sequential numbering for tax/accounting documents. In addition to the previous “numbering per DATE > Lot/Day/Nr Fact” feature, you now have another option for numbering your documents, which may be sorted by year, semester or quarter, such as INV-001/2015, INV-002/2015.

All this streamlining has been designed with one goal in mind: your company’s success! Would you like to know more about the VCP ERP/CRM system? Contact us.