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Tendências E-commerce 2018

E-commerce Trends 2018

The start of the New Year requires an analysis of the main trends for 2018 in the world of e-commerce and its link to the evolution of the digital world and the influence it wields over consumers.

So we’ve listed the five key trends (to which we’ve added another two) identified by Adweek to bear in mind over the next 12 months. All of them have a key goal: to increase customer satisfaction.

1. The consumer comes first

A general trend for any area in 2018 is customisation. Brands will have to pay attention to the needs of consumers and try to satisfy them, anticipating what they want and customising their services/products to match. Artificial intelligence may have a key role to play here, offering users anticipated recommendations.

2. More pop-up shops and a better retail experience expected

Pop-up shops are a way of refreshing retail, giving the consumer a new experience with fresh services such as pick-up points and Concierges.

3. Hi, voice shopping!

One of the most interesting trends identified in e-commerce is voice shopping. This tool may not be used in every area of e-commerce, but it is something that should be taken seriously.

4. Augmented reality

Last year, we saw large-scale consumer acceptance and demand for virtual reality apps, like the game Pokemon Go and the simulation tool in the IKEA catalogue. This trend provides consumers with a more involving experience and is something e-commerce should focus on.

5. 2018: The year of diversity

With all the stories about gender discrimination and sexual harassment that have come to light in 2017, 2018 is predicted to be the year of diversity. E-commerce is also likely to follow this trend and increase its range of products to provide a wider selection for every kind of people.

6. Streaming

Streaming is increasingly popular and is starting to be used on most social networks. Consumers love watching a live video and this function may be adopted by e-commerce businesses on their websites and digital platforms.

7. Influencers

This is a becoming an increasingly widespread trend, both to expand recognition amongst consumers and to sell products/services. Bearing in mind new ad-blocking options, influencers will be one of the major digital marketing trends in 2018 to reach a wide range of audiences.