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Clientes de e-commerce mais exigentes

e-Commerce clients more and more demanding

According to a study by DPDgroup, 9.4% of all sales in Portugal are online and there are two key concerns with regard to buying a product.

DPDgroup’s e-shopper barometer is very clear: e-shoppers are growing in number and they are an increasingly important group in European e-commerce. And they are getting increasingly demanding.

The study reveals that 9.4% of all sales in Portugal are online and the goods most commonly bought are fashion and electronics related.

E-shoppers now expect more and this essentially relates to two aspects of the buying process:
– online payments security and personal data;
– clarity about the company responsible for delivery.

This latter point affects 72% of e-shoppers. Nonetheless, neither of these concerns is affecting the growth of e-commerce in Europe.