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Omnicanal Vs. Offline

Does the omnichannel consumer consumes more than the offline consumer?

Is this the end of physical stores as we know them?

We are at a stage where either the retail sector adapts itself to the consumer’s demands or it’ll fall behind. Let’s go through the innovations being integrated on the retail digital channels that are changing the way the consumer behaves.

◈ Better shopping experience in a shop: More and more physical shops are looking for ways to become more technological and integrate their digital channels in order to create more interactive experiences for the consumer. Virtual fitting rooms, interactive shop windows, product recommendations based on the consumer’s taste, specific information about issues related to the brand concept, are just some examples.

◈ Best overall shopping experience: The perfect multichannel strategy is the one that fulfils the user’s needs through any channel. For this purpose, there are shops that ease the location of the wanted product and even suggest the nearest shop to the customer. Besides, there are already shops that enable mobile orders to be picked up at physical shops or specific delivery points.

◈ Economic incentives offered: The biggest attraction for multichannel digital users is economic benefit and that is why brands have been developing new ways to promote across different channels. Some of the actions include coupon management apps, sales for newsletter subscribers and SMS for discounts.

What are your thoughts on this?