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Document customization? Talk to us

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At a time when direct and close contact with the customer is increasingly important, it is now essential for a company to take advantage of the information it has on its database for personalized contact with the consumer.

Incidentally, as we are in the era of personalization, where we have a large amount of information about our client, a company that does not “use and abuse” this data is left behind.

Sending a marketing email, an SMS, or even a letter in the mail that starts with “Olá João Cordeiro” and not a simple “Hello” has a completely different impact. This type of contact allows companies to get closer to the person they want to reach, establishing a relationship adapted to their interests.

Brands have invested in diversified technological tools because they know that personalization is nowadays one of the factors that drive a sale. And what may seem like a seven-headed bug, takes 5 seconds on a platform prepared for this purpose. It is not a matter of manually entering this information. Any data you have about your customers in the database can be used to your advantage on a given platform, automatically.

If you make a sale in your store and register the person’s email and the details of the purchase in your database, you can, for example, send them a communication after a week thanking you for the purchase. Or suggesting a similar product that might interest you. This is called cross channel: guiding the customer to a new purchase.

Peter Drucker, considered the father of modern management and the most recognized thinker on the effects of globalization on the economy and, in particular, on organizations, has a very famous phrase that summarizes everything we are here to tell you: “The meaning of Marketing is understanding the customer in such a way that products and services are bought, not sold.”

If you want to maximize your marketing resources, you should think of all your customer communication channels as a way to increase your traffic, create greater customer engagement and, in the end, make a sale.

How can Ship4you help you in this engagement? In many things. But today, we’re only talking about personalization. Ship4you is not limited to personalizing your documents with just the name, be they mailings, emails or SMS. As long as this information is in the database, we can also do it with address, date of birth, gender, hobbies, etc.

In addition, we also offer the possibility of customizing documents with data/variables that can be calculated/generated “on the fly” according to certain criteria. For example, it is possible to insert your client’s age into a document, even if age is not one of the data to be included in the database. What Ship4you does is calculate the person’s age from the date of birth.

If you want to put a promotional code in a communication, for example. Based on the date of birth and customer number, we can create a code with this data so that it can be decorated or identified more easily. Furthermore, it is not necessary for this promotional code to be entered in the database. It just needs to be generated and provided in a file to be introduced on the platform that will send the email or mailing. Tell us which criteria you want to follow for the creation of this code, everything else is up to us.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about customizing documents, click here.