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Do you have an e-commerce business? We can help you with everything.

If you have an e-commerce business and you don’t want to deal with paperwork aspects such as managing and shipping your orders, you don’t have to look any further.

We will immediately explain what we can do for you and how Ship4you can become your partner in this adventure.

Using a concrete example, imagine that you need an external company to handle your merchandise storage, manage your stock-outs, and prepare and ship your orders.

To launch the process, you simply need to send us 5 kinds of documents:

1. Invoices file

2. Orders file

3. File with products spent on those invoices

4. Kits file

5. Registered orders file (with carrier tracking)

Once we receive all these documents via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) our warehouse will integrate them into the VPC ERP/CRM Link system (read this article) to verify, control and validate all data in order to make sure it does not contain any errors.

At this point, we will be able to start preparing your orders. The scanner confirms all the invoices and creates two new kinds of documents: a picking file that will allow us to prepare the orders; and a results file that will provide us with the stock-out information, order status, etc.

This may seem a lengthy process, but it ensures that nothing goes wrong and that the job is properly carried out!

Now let’s move to the shipment of orders. Once we’ve made sure that all orders have been processed, we will inform the VPC ERP/CRM system that the previously imported orders are ready to be shipped. The system will update the stock status and we will send you the shipping file.

If necessary, we can also prepare a tracking document for the carrier, which in turn will also provide us with the tracking numbers. Then it’s only a matter of adding them to the respective orders in the VCP system, and our job is done.

As you see, with Ship4you you don’t have to worry about your business’s most tiresome paperwork aspects, because we can do it for you. Your company simply has to register the orders and pass that information on to us. We’ll handle everything else after that.

Would you like to know more about what Ship4you services can do for you? Read the interview that our CEO Cristina Coelho recently gave to the magazine Pontos de Vista, the Publico newspaper supplement. You can read the article in full here.