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The value of Databases

Databases: why and what for?

A database allows storing practically any type of data. Its relatively low cost generalised this strategy among companies, from large to small organisations.

A database is basically a collection of information organised in a way that can be easily consulted, managed and updated. This information can be classified according to the type of content inserted. Through this information it’s possible to create the right campaigns for the right customers, in order to ensure your company’s success. We give you 3 reasons we consider enough to convince you about the importance of having a database:

It allows data storing and quick access to information: it’s through databases that we access the client’s records, where we can quickly find everything we need about them. Besides being safe, databases avoid costs and the inconvenience of handling paper.

It allows efficient inventory tracking: by implementing a stock control database we can avoid the risk of having too much or insufficient stock, minimise lost sales, and at the same time, maximise growth opportunities.

It allows to target campaigns: having a database complete with relevant information is worthless unless we know how to use it. A careful names’ selection and segmentation allows choosing the best candidates for your commercial offers, which means the right customer for the right product.