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CTT E-commerce Moments

CTT e-Commerce Moments 2019

CTT e-Commerce Moments conference took place on May 7 at the VdA auditorium in Lisbon and gathered several names from the Portuguese e-commerce sector to discuss its future.

Cristina Coelho, CEO of Ship4you, was part of the conference’s second panel together with Pedro Bordonhos, Head of Lanidor Group’s e-Commerce, Nelson Arrifes, Web Content & Marketing Manager from PCDIGA, and João Gaspar da Silva, CTT’s Head of Operations, to discuss the logistics and shipments’ challenges in e-Commerce.

It’s a known fact: we want to shop online, from the comfort of our homes, but we also want to receive the product as soon as possible at our door. How to deal with that?

In Cristina Coelho’s opinion, it’s essential for logistics operators to adjust and be capable of adapting themselves to shipments’ peaks, by automating the processes to fulfil the customers’ expectations.

“At Ship4you we are aware and act on the motto that ‘the client is in charge’, whether it’s our B2B client or the final client. If the B2B client wants an order to be dispatched the same day it’s submitted, we will follow through. We already have some automated processes to ensure this quick response. Our system is programmed to collect the invoices the client sends us during the night, in order to process and send them to the printer. When the warehouse personnel arrives the next morning, all invoices and necessary documents for shipment are ready.” – says Cristina Coelho, when questioned about the introduction of technologies to help automate the processes regarding logistics.

When it comes to what it’s thought to be e-commerce’s major challenge, Ship4you’s CEO states that, in her opinion, it’s still not easy to spread the message that e-commerce is an investment; people think e-commerce is just about creating an online shop, free of costs, and that they’ll make profits; the work of fulfilment behind an e-commerce shop may determine the success (or failure) of a brand and people have to take that into consideration.

This event was organised by the Portuguese Post, CTT, in partnership with radio station TSF and digital magazine DinheiroVivo, to whom we thank the invitation.