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Cristina Coelho invites you to take a step towards globalisation

Cristina Coelho is CEO of Ship4you and gave an interview to the magazine Pontos de Vista, a supplement issued with the Saturday edition of the Público newspaper.

We’ve made a short summary of the conversation so you can learn a little more, in the first person, about this company which has been operating in the market for 5 years but which already has two decades of experience in integrated logistics for long-distance selling and direct marketing.

Over a long conversation, Cristina Coelho invites you to take a step towards globalisation by relying on Ship4you as a partner: “We’ll handle everything for you, from your database to your company’s integrated management systems. We cover the whole of Europe and can provide our partners with systems that speak their language. We speak, write and personalise in a wide range of languages. We plan your campaigns by mail, SMS and email.”

As we’ve mentioned here before in other articles, Ship4you offers you a full A to Z package of services in direct marketing and e-commerce. The first step involves receiving mail, registering orders, storage and shipping all the way to after-sales back-up. A whole series of computer tools exists in a system especially designed and dedicated to this type of business so that clients have access to all the statistics and data to analyse and decide on following campaigns.

As far as e-commerce is concerned, it involves a lot of work and a lot of organisation, a physical space for stock management, a shipping company, promotion of the online shop, an entire series of details which have to work very smoothly and sufficiently fast. And this is also an area where Ship4you can also help as it already has all of this structure for you to use. If you want to invest in an e-commerce project, you need to know that if it is well thought through and structured, it can be a real success as home shopping are becoming increasingly common in Portugal. This year alone it is predicted that the Portuguese will spend €2.665 billion online.

Cristina Coelho gives a few pieces of advice: keep everything simples as online customers want ease, speed and efficiency. “If someone wants to buy something online and the process is slow and long-winded, they will give up,” comments the CEO of Ship4you.

Having a good product is not enough. It’s necessary to “study the business and create a good business plan. You have to know exactly what you need to get an online shop up and running. You need to find the right partners in various areas and realise that it takes a lot of investment. Finally, it has to be a simple process. Simple and transparent,” she explained to the Público.

Read the complete interview (only available in Portuguese) here.