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Could it be that marketing is psychological?

According to the data released by PR Daily – a well-known US news site focusing on public relations, marketing and media – 85% of purchases are emotional and impulsive.

Therefore, brands should not forget that there is a psychological aspect to be taken into account when launching a marketing campaign.

The same website put together eight psychological principles that every advertiser should know:

1 – Give to get – This is the famous reciprocity principle. People feel the need to give something back when they are given something.

2 – Use color to appeal to emotions – Brands can use the meaning of colors to their advantage For example, yellow is associated with optimism and youth, and can be used to grab consumers’ attention. Green, on the other hand, can represent wealth.

3 – Promote exclusivity – People want to feel that they are part of an exclusive club. Offer something to the first 50 customers who buy a particular product from you.

4 – Highlight emotions – Sadness, positivity, shock, fear and humor are the five basic emotions that trigger a larger number of reads and shares. You should therefore focus on texts or pictures that elicit one of these emotions.

5 – Promote urgency – Knowing that there is a limited number of items available or that a particular campaign is a limited-time offer, for instance, can make consumers buy something to make sure they will not miss out on the opportunity to have this product.

6 – Enter the consumer’s home – Offering a limited trial is the best way to approach and enter your customer’s home, showing – or not – that your product can become indispensable.

7 – Cut down on options – According to the PR Daily study, when offered 24 different samples of jams, some consumers just tasted while others actually bought something. But when only 6 samples were offered, sales increased by 20%. The site concludes that offering fewer options boosts sales because consumers are less confused and undecided.

8 – Create a tribe – According to social identity theory, humans need to be part of a group. One of the possible strategies to apply this theory, for instance, is to invite your customers to participate in a market study on your brand.