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China and Portugal strengthen E-commerce ties

Since China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, this is excellent news for Portugal.

It is believed that the Memorandum of Understanding, signed this month between Portugal and China, is good news for our country since China is the world’s biggest e-commerce market.

ACEPI and its Chinese counterpart have signed this Memorandum on the final day of the Portugal Digital Summit conference series, and the strengthening of these ties can open an investment door for Portugal.

ACEPI president Alexandre Nilo Fonseca believes that “China is already a popular market among Portuguese consumers,” as proven by the fact that Ali Express is the 4th most used e-commerce platform in Portugal.

But what does this approach mean? This Memorandum of Understanding involves the creation of a training and exchange program between professionals and companies, through which it hopes to attract Chinese companies to Portugal as well as to export Portuguese businesses to the Asian market.

Zhu Xiaoliang, the president of the China International E-commerce Center, said that online Chinese trade has generated more than USD 582 billion, and that only 10.8% of consumer goods are sold “physically”.

All this suggests that this strengthening of ties will bring good business opportunities to Portugal.