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Dicas para aumentar a sua segurança online

Check out these 9 tips that will ensure your online security

Want to be secure while browsing online?

CIS has compiled a list of best practices to celebrate the Internet Day and we’re going to share them with you so you can start using them today:

1. Check if all your software is up to date, your device is protected against malware and that it has a firewall;

2. If you’re thinking about installing free/pirated software, think again. These non-authorised versions may contain malicious code and, for example, introduce unsolicited publicity, reduce a device’s speed or collect personal information such as your data and passwords;

3. Check all extensions installed on your browser. If you don’t recognise any, delete them, as they are collecting data about your browsing habits. You should also check if you have extensions to block pop-ups and advertising (an Adblocker);

4. If you use social networks, think carefully about what you publish. Is it relevant? Is it true? In an era of constant fake news and information taken out of context, be sure what you publish makes sense;

5. Before buying online or registering your personal data on a website, be sure it is trustworthy. Check it has an HTTPS before the address (link) and, when paying, choose one that accepts Paypal or MB Net;

6. If you share a photo of yourself with someone, you lose control over it, so make sure that person can be trusted. If you back up photos to the cloud, also remember that they are no longer just on your phone and that even if you delete them from your device they are still available on the Internet;

7. If you have kids, think about what kind of relationship you want them to have with the Internet. The use of technology by small children is increasingly taken for granted. Talk to them about the hazards of the Internet and keep a close eye on them. That way there is less likelihood of something going wrong;

8. If you come across illegal online content, such as sexual abuse of minors and incitement of violence and racism, inform the authorities as soon as possible to help reduce its negative social impact.