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Técnicas do Marketing B2B

6 B2B marketing techniques that have stood the test of time

Every year, new B2B marketing techniques are created, promising to become the business secret for the following years. But, does it mean that the previous techniques are no longer valid?

Check here 6 techniques that have stood the test of time. ▼


Nowadays, consumers have countless sources of information competing for their attention. However, several studies claim that consumers are still influenced by those around them. A study about the B2B leads generation concluded that the main leads source in 2018 was through referrals.

Advertising in commercial magazines:

A study carried out in Canada revealed that 80% of the surveyed read magazines regularly and that more than half believes commercial magazines are the best way to learn about companies, since they consider these publications reliable sources of information. Although these studies are specifically Canadian, they can represent the reason why we shouldn’t consider commercial magazines as an outdated information channel.

Email marketing:

In the early days of Internet, people would get really excited by receiving emails, but today we struggle to have an inbox clean of unread emails. However, besides the number of emails B2B consumers receive, they still pay attention to its content. Ascend2 and GetResponse published a study stating that 67% of the surveyed noticed a moderate increase of their email campaigns efficiency and 63% had planned a moderate increase for their email marketing budgets.


Blogs are easy-to-access channels that help consumers to learn more about our company and how we can help them. People read blogs to learn about things. Knowing which topics to address and how to appeal to the B2B consumers are all part of a well-structured marketing strategy.

Case studies:

A Demand Gen report looked at B2B buyers content preferences and concluded that, although new forms of content such as podcasts are gaining market power, case studies are still relevant for several reasons. 79% of the surveyed said they used case studies to research purchasing decisions and 64% shared case studies with colleagues. This way, they are helping a B2B company with case studies to extend its outreach.

Social networks:

Strategically used, social networks can boost a B2B brand recognition and influence the supplier selection process when B2B customers decide which company deserves their businesses. With this in mind, it’s essential to rely on social networks to promote the feeling that our company understands the current challenges and that effectively has solutions to solve them.

Therefore, there’s no harm in using new marketing methods to diversify your company’s marketing strategy, however, we don’t advise you to discard older methods only due to their age.