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Tips to inrease summer sales

5 tips to increase summer sales

The good weather means holidays, more outdoor activities and less time in front of the computer, resulting in 50% lower sales.

Although difficult to solve, it is possible to improve and get around this scenario and increase sales. Check out the following tips:

Have a responsive website: while time in front of the computer goes down, people access the Internet via their mobile devices. Ensure your online shop has a responsive website for those visiting by mobile means.

Always reply on social media: many users take advantage of the holidays to access social media more often and more actively. Advertising your products on social media is a way of attracting buyers during this period.

Feature seasonal products: if summer is all anyone thinks about, then sell summer products.

Make discounts:like physical shops, this is also a time for discounting online. Run promotions for all your stock that did not sell during the rest of the year.

Pay special attention to customer feedbacks: most online buyers look for product recommendations before buying. Ask your customers to leave feedback after each purchase. In addition to involving customers, improve your website’s SEO, as each comment is an update.

If, after these tips, your sales remain slow, take advantage of the slowdown to get ready for the next 6 months by taking inventories, organising stock, optimising processes and even holding activities to motivate staff for their return to work.