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5 characteristics that define the Ship4you VPC ERP/CRM system

We have already told you several times that the VCP ERP/CRM Link system could be very advantageous for your business.

But we must tell you about it once again, because there are a few advantages we haven’t mentioned yet and which can help you make your work even more effective and successful.

Here are 5 other features that make this platform unique:

1. It’s a multilingual system – it adjusts to the language of the customer and of the market where they want to operate;

2. It is customizable and the different menus can be adapted to each customer’s needs;

3. It’s a multi-platform system (iOS, Linux and Windows);

4. It integrates with BI (Business Intelligence) tools, giving you access to various custom reports;

5. Combining with Workflow tools, it also allows customers to optimize their workflow in the following way:

– By automating workflows, no longer requiring human intervention to be processed;

– By scheduling tasks for the days and hours required by the customer, giving users the ability to manage the times of greater and lesser work intensity;

– By managing and distributing files to multiple locations. For example: sending jobs to printers, sending files by email and to FTP, sending processed invoices in the system the customer wants, etc.

These features may seem simple but show that the VCP ERP/CRM Link system offers true job automation, making the process much simpler and efficient while enabling your employees to focus their time on other tasks. Want to know more? Talk to us, we’ll be happy to tell you about all the advantages of using this platform for your business.