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40% of companies already invest in data analysis to sell and develop products, and this trend is growing.

A study by Forrester Consulting concluded that 40% of companies researched already invest in data analysis in product sales and development and this tendency is growing.

Increasingly, companies are turning their data into strategic information to understand their customers, creating a more personalised approach and appealing more effectively to their audience. BD has become a daily part of marketing.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the amount of stored data in the world doubles every two years and will reach 40 trillion gigabytes in 2020.

Despite this growing and generalised trend, there are still companies that don’t know where to collect this valuable data or even what to do with it. Using technology for this purpose is now common practice and a form of investment in digital marketing, especially with the increased popularity of Google and Facebook, which have created user-friendly tools. This makes it possible for more users to access, buy space and successfully gather consumer data and profiles, and be able to relate to it.

Companies’ communication strategies must go much further than just using one or two means by which to monitor people’s consumption habits. Today, brands can’t think separately in terms of advertising campaigns, websites and social networks as all of these must be used for an effective data gathering strategy.

The connection between marketing, technology, logical thinking and business vision is still lacking to improve knowledge about people. Only by unifying these aspects will we truly have the capacity to look at the data available and understand consumers’ needs and desires.