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Marketing Direto 360º 360 Direct Marketing

360º Direct Marketing: we do the work for you!

360º Direct Marketing

Want to expand your business but don’t know how? We have the solution for you. With our 360 Direct Marketing package? we help your company to go further and gain expression in the market.

Why 360º? Precisely because we are entirely at your disposal to provide you with a complete service, from the collection and recording of your campaign orders to the storage of orders and customer service. All this with a fully available team and the most sophisticated equipment on the market.

To let you know a little more about the 360 Direct Marketing package? from Ship4you, we invite you to learn more about the services it includes:

  • Order Registration: we collect and register your customers’ orders, whether they arrive by post, telephone or email. We take care of everything with speed, care and the desired economy.
  • Lettershop: from printing to personalisation, from enveloping to sending a promotion, we have the necessary equipment and the right expertise to get your message across to your customers in the most efficient, fastest and most economical way.
  • Storage: we guarantee the storage of your products in the most perfect conditions. But, alongside this, we also control the quality and quantity of the products that reach us, checking expiry dates and frequently monitoring stocks.
  • Order Processing: after registering your customers’ orders, we pack and ship your products anywhere in the world as quickly as you need. With us, go further and faster!
  • Collections: we take care of the collection of your products with speed and persuasion. And whatever the method adopted by your customers – credit card, check, cash, ATM or the internet – we will process all payments with total security, as if it were our money!
  • Customer Service: whether by phone, letter or email, you will have a dedicated team trained to speak several languages. Whether it is receiving an order, clarifying a doubt or solving a problem, you can count on our friendliness as we are always available to respond to your customers.

In the end, just tell us what you want and the Ship4you team does it all for you with all the rigor and professionalism in dealing with its customers and their orders.

Talk to us, challenge us. Would we be happy to create a 360 Direct Marketing plan? customized for your company.