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3 tips to grow your database

Do you need to attract more subscribers for your online business? Then this article is for you.

The renowned marketing blog Adestra has released 3 innovative ideas to help you add more subscribers to your database. Interested? Then take a look at them below:

1 – A multichannel idea: Increase the interest of your consumers by offering, for example, scratch cards with their invoice. The prize, even if symbolic, creates interest and a positive image for your brand. Important: make sure that the person has to fill out a form to claim the prize so you can get all their details. As an example, Adestra cites the retailer Scribbler, which in just six months collected 90,000 email addresses!

2 – A partnership: your connection with other brands can generate awareness about your company. How to make it a source of growth for your business? In London, the event Destination Star Trek London has been going since 2012, a favorite among Star Trek fans. To reach this audience, the organizers of Media 10 began communicating with the fans on forums and social networks before tickets went on sale. They offered exclusive articles and tickets in exchange for newsletter subscription. The result was 12,000 new subscribers and a lot of buzz around the event.

3 – Gauge word-of-mouth: if your brand creates a good image, people will end up talking about it. But it is difficult to measure this data offline. One way to get around this is through an incentive. If you have a loyalty program, offer points or vouchers to consumers who give recommendations to friends. In most cases they end up subscribing, which is the fundamental part, the condition of subscription in exchange of data.