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Tendências do Retalho

We usually talk about trends at the beginning of the year, but this time we decided to talk about trends that have been taking root in retail multichannel commerce over this year.

Omnichannel: Omnichannel’s concept ensures our business is integrated in every channel; websites, markets, social media and physical shops. This strategy enables customers to become more engaged and satisfied.

Experiential retail: Shopping is now an experience. Shops have been working on creating a phenomenal retail experience through smartphones. Things like, entering the shop, scanning a bar code, paying electronically and leaving with the product or wait for it to be delivered at your home are now available.

Solving problems with AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) customization to solve problems has been a constant during this year. Improving stock’s quality, ordering products and 24h/24h assistance are some of the guidelines leading AI implementation in retail.

Automate supply chains: Stock management systems combined with AI help to predict stocks, ensuring the supply chain matches customers demands.

Voice search and voice assistants: We have already talked about more engaged and satisfied customers. If there’s something capable of engaging a customer, it’s a different, customized and easy purchase experience. Shopping by voice search is major news in 2019. Consumers can rely on devices like Alexa and Google Home for voice search.

Bigger social presence: Social networks like Facebook and Instagram hold a huge potential for retailers, through shopping tags in photos and videos. Convenience is fundamental when influencing a customer’s decision to purchase something from our shop or not. The easier the on-the-go purchase experience, the higher the probability of recognition.

Better informations about the consumer: In order to engage customers to the point of boosting conversions, you need to know each of them until the smallest detail. Although this may seem impossible, smart algorithms collect data about search history, previous purchases and much more, easing the retailer’s life with the creation of databases. Through these databases, it’s possible to provide customized campaigns to each customer.