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Ship4you Retrospetiva 2019

2019 in review

2019 is nearly over and we would like to celebrate it – just as it was.

This was our first year as a thoroughly Portuguese company. Becoming a fully Portuguese company was something we wanted for a while, and in 2018 – with the help of Goalmarketing – we closed the year having finally achieved it. With this renewed partnership we were able to expand our services and achieve new goals.

In February, we began by updating our biggest working tool: the ERP/CRM system. Not just the hardware, but the operating system as well. This update has increased security in data access and preservation, higher speed in data processing and in remote access, greater reliability and strength to respond the current technological challenges and new possibilities for development and evolution.

Still in the same month, Ship4you added a new Communications & Marketing department to the team. All of the external communication, which was previously handled by a specialized company, is now managed internally by an equally skilled team that is committed to increasing and improving our company’s digital footprint.

March 2019, we attended for the first time to the Omnichannel Retail Show, an event which addressed the new forms of retail commerce – increasingly technological, digital and focused on current and future buyers. We participated as exhibitors and presented our solutions for companies that want to merge the physical and digital and begin the implementation of an “omnichannel” approach.

In May, we were invited by CTT Correios de Portugal, in cooperation with TSF and DinheiroVivo, to integrate the panel of the CTT e-Commerce Moments conference that discussed the logistics and shipping challenges associated with e-Commerce. The panel also featured representatives from the Lanidor Group, PCDIGA and CTT.

Also in May, we began the process of expanding our services to the Hungarian market. Ship4you sees no borders – when we are challenged to conquer new markets, we see it as an evolution and expansion of our services. It was a very slow process due to language and distance constraints, but it has been completed as of September. After a number of meetings with the Hungarian postal services, we can now confirm that we are successfully shipping to one more european market.

More recently, we participated in the Portugal Digital Summit hosted at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion [Pavilhão Carlos Lopes], on October 22 and 23, where we made our debut as exhibitors. It was a very positive experience and we are ready for round 2 in next year’s edition.

For 2020, our wish is simply for our goals to be met. More business and/or partnership opportunities, more challenges, the chance to increase and enhance our communications and to continuously evolve while constantly keeping up with new retail, logistics and distance-selling trends.